Sports injury and massage treatment, Urmston and Whitefield.

BSc Sports Therapy offers prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of regular or sports injury. Located at two sites in Greater Manchester, in Urmston Paramount Sports and Fitness and in Whitefield (Park Lane Performance), within easy reach of the motorway networks, we offer a first class service, expert advice and exceptional clinical care. Visit our Contact us page for our locations.

Our aim at BSc Sports Therapy is to successfully treat musculoskeletal injury. In addition we can perform sports massage to facilitate recovery and ease muscular tension. At BSc Sports therapy we use Physio techniques combined with advanced rehabilitation exercises to improve health, wellbeing and performance. To find out the differences between Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists, please visit the Sports Therapy tab.

In Urmston, BSc Sports Therapy is co-located with Paramount Sports & Fitness. Patients therefore have supervised access to the full suite of modern gym equipment to aide recovery. We will work with you on a 1:1 basis in support of your rehabilitation.

In Whitefield, Park Lane Performance is co-located with Sedgley Park Rugby Club. Again patients have full access within treatment and rehabilitation sessions to a modern and unique strength and conditioning suite.

At BSc Sports Therapy, we also specialise in massage therapy; massage is defined as the ‘mechanical manipulation of the soft tissues of the body using rhythmic pressure to promote health and wellbeing’. Sports massage will deliver both physiological and biomechanical stimulus which can aid relaxation, hence improving sports performance and enhancing recovery.