BSc Sports Therapy Services

Whether it be sports massage or injury rehabilitation, Sports Therapy is a service that can be utilised by anybody. Ben and Sam specialise in the musculoskeletal system and provides a wide range of services from physical conditioning to post-surgical rehabilitation.

As Sports Therapists we aim to provide injury diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and advice to a vast range of clients. We use our expertise and knowledge to assess the body from a biomechanical perspective in order to return clients to optimal functional fitness, whether that be elite performance or activities of daily living. Below is a list of some of the common conditions that we treat:

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Acute Injuries Shoulder Injuries
Non-Acute Injuries Elbow Injuries
Gait Re-education Tennis Elbow
Postural Correction Wrist and Hand Injuries
Muscle Imbalances "Dead Legs"
Post-operative rehab Knee Injuries
Back and Neck Pain Cartilage/Meniscal Injuries
Disc Injuries Ankle Injuries
"Trapped Nerves" Foot Injuries
Joint Stiffness Ligament Injuries
Repetitive Strain Injuries Fracture Rehabilitation

Ben & Sam are both proficient in using many sports therapy techniques in order to treat and rehabilitate clients. Below are some of the techniques that may be used during treatment sessions:

Sports Massage Cryotherapy
Deep Transverse Frictions Postural Correction/Core Stability
Trigger Point Release Muscle Energy Techniques
Joint Mobilisation PNF Stretching
Vertebral Mobilisation Exercise Programming
Thermotherapy Injury Prevention Taping