Sports Massage Christmas Voucher

Hello everyone,

The festive season has begun and it is always an exciting time of year. It is the perfect opportunity to rest and let your body recover. A perfect opportunity to surprise your loved one with a Christmas gift, a sports massage voucher from BSc Sports Therapy Clinic, designed by staff member Leah Boal.

BSc Christmas Voucher

Often, we take a break from exercise over the festive period and return in the new year with a sudden increase in exercise, often in line with New Year resolutions. This acute increase can however lead to injury, as described in a previous blog post by Park Lane Performance and Rehabilitation.

To keep yourself healthy over the festive period, we recommend that if you reduce your activity, you build it up slowly in the New Year and place emphasis on recovery periods. A post-Christmas sports massage would be a perfect way to recover and can be redeemed until April 2019.

If you would like to purchase a Christmas Voucher (60 mins £40 & 30 mins £25) then please call Ben on 07988988728 or email

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