Massage Therapy

Either in support of, or simply as an alternative approach to promote health and wellbeing, we specialise in massage therapy. It is defined as the ‘mechanical manipulation of the soft tissues of the body using rhythmic pressure to promote health and wellbeing’. It is regarded as a therapeutic treatment that promotes relaxation and recovery, in both active and sedentary individuals. At BSc Sports Therapy, a variety of hands on techniques are utilised to promote recovery and relaxation including Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement and Myofascial release. The exact effects are still debated within the literature, however there are believed to be many positive physiological and biomechanical effects. It can aid relaxation, improve sports performance and enhance recovery. The key attributes of massage are thought to include:
Promote relaxationRemoval of cellular "waste product"
Decrease muscle tensionDecrease pain
Increased lymphatic drainageReduce muscle soreness
Increase blood circulationIncrease range of motion
Increase neurological transmission
Sports massage treatment

Sports Massage is a service that is regularly used in elite sport. Throughout his third year at UCLan, Ben undertook work placements with Preston North End FC and Macclesfield Town FC. One of his primary roles was to perform sports massage on first team, reserve team and youth team players. Ben gained a wealth of experience with these professional clubs and BSc Sports Therapy continues to offer this service. Since graduation, Ben has performed a number of roles with professional and semi-professional sports teams whereby he has continued to refine his hands on skills. Today, Ben regularly performs massage on the first team players at Sedgley Tigers RUFC.

Sam also has a wealth of experience working within elite sport performing sports massage. One of his key roles both a student and a post-graduate has been working with Preston North End Women’s FC and Fylde Ladies FC, before the commencement of his Sports Medicine Masters Degree.